sabor de mi corazón, CHapter i: cumbia

An immersive and participative experience celebrating cumbia music and culture. Unexpected, euphoric, sensitive and heartwarming, this piece will make you fall in love with cumbia, if you're not already.

on this path, you are sure to get lost

This multidisciplinary solo, somewhere between dance, theatre and music, is the fruit of three collaborations between Diana León and emerging creators Paco Ziel, Jérémy Galdeano and Vera Kvarcakova, assembled by theater director Nicolás Núñez. Their guiding theme is knowledge of the self and the work necessary – amidst social pressures and inner demons – to find one’s own voice. 

Flesh & Sound

A dance and music hybrid performance by Paco Ziel and Bernardo Alvarado Rojas. The artists aim to bring echoes of prehispanic instruments into the present and breathe new life and movement into them.