immersive latino-contemporary dance + dj set
60 minutes I 2 performers


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Welcome to the sonidero! Have a drink, dance and let the irresistible rhythm of cumbia take over your body. From Colombia to Latin America,  from Latin America to the world, cumbia is the queen, the mama who opens her arms to all. Born from the marriage between African drums and the indigenous flute, its soul is rebellious, playful, sensual… it has a million faces! Cumbia will heal your wounds and make you forget your sorrows. 

This show is a duet...but only if you resist this festive journey through the heritage of this musical genre and the cultures that have developed around it.

Choreography/Performance: Diana León + Paco Ziel

Original score: Paco Ziel
Rehearsal direction: Jean-Sebastien Couture

Lighting + set + costume design: Adriana Ruiz "Clarisse Monde"
Dramaturgy advisor: Eduardo Ruiz

Vocal coach: Mamselle Ruiz
Technical direction: Marcin Bunar
Set construction: Charles Keating Sands
Assistance: Adèle Ross + Stephania Suarez + Christopher Laplante
Logo design: Arturo Camacho